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By fostering an animal from the Brooklyn Animal Foster Network, you're opening up a space for an otherwise doomed animal. We thank you.




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We are often contacted to help with pregnant, stray cats and we are happy to help when we can. Hoochie Mama was allowed to raise these beautiful kittens until they were old enough to be adopted. Then Mama was spayed and adopted into a forever home.

Feral Cat Management

Learn about a grassroots program called TNR or Trap Neuter Return. Please read more about this humane solution to the overpopulation of cats in our area.

The topics listed below encompass all aspects of managing a feral (wild) cat colony and implementing TNR.  While aimed specifically at caretakers working in New York City, much of the information will apply anywhere there are feral cats and people who want to help them. If you have cats in your back yard the following links will give you a trove of information regarding TNR.

What You Can Do to Help Feral Cats

If you're feeding feral cats, you obviously care about them. Feeders who don't realize or can't find resources to get the cats spayed and neutered while their numbers are manageable, are soon overwhelmed by kittens, kittens, and more kittens. Don't let this happen to you or the cats. This 16-minute video and FAQs will help you understand how to provide the best care possible to your feral cats. 

Find help

If you're really lucky, there is an organization or agency in your community that can help you trap-neuter-return the feral cats you're feeding. If this help isn't available in your community, you may still be able to find veterinarians who are willing to provide low-cost services for feral cats. Look for help near you in our list (includes U.S. states and Canada).

Provide help

Organizations/agencies that help feral cats need all the help they can get. Even if you've never seen a feral cat, it's likely that there are feral cats in your community. You can make a big difference in your community by:

For organizations

Oftentimes, your good work is hampered by a lack of funds. There are many ways to feed the kitty and begin or continue your efforts. has information on groups that offer financial assistance and a collection of articles on grant writing. There are also articles that offer fundraising ideas.

Get a little help from your friends

There aren't enough hours in the day when it comes to helping feral cats. Volunteers can assist you in many ways. Find out how to recruit and retain volunteers.

Lay down the law

The number of organizations devoted to helping feral cats is growing. As a result, some local governments now recognize that a comprehensive cat management strategy to combat cat overpopulation requires working with feral cat advocates. Work with officials to propose legislation that affects domestic cats—especially feral cats.

Get the word out

People with big hearts often provide food to feral cats. Unfortunately, they may not realize the importance of spaying and neutering or they may not even know that there's anyone who can help them.

Check out our information in English and Spanish that you can distribute at events, libraries, veterinary clinics, feed stores, pet supply stores, etc. And don't forget the media; our "I am not a crazy cat lady" flyer is sure to be noticed.

Book it

Need some help educating your community? Why reinvent the wheel when our CD/DVD and books "Community Approaches to Feral Cats" and "Implementing a Community TNR Program" are available?  


Free and Low Cost Spay/Neuter Services in NYC


Terms and Conditions/Privacy Policy