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Introducing BAFN Petsitting Services.


In a Purfect World...
Every Pet Woul
Have A Home.
And Every Home Would
Have A Pet Care Service.

BAFN Petsitting Services.


By fostering an animal from the Brooklyn Animal Foster Network, you're opening up a space for an otherwise doomed animal. We thank you.










  Terms and Conditions/Privacy Policy

Before you apply to volunteer you should know.

The Brooklyn Animal Foster Network IS NOT an animal shelter and does not have a facility. Animals in our care are placed in foster homes while they receive medical attention and lots of love until they are ready for adoption. Although we need volunteers to help at adoption events, transport animals, fundraise, list our animals on Facebook and more. if you are looking to volunteer with an animal shelter where you can have more hands on experience with animals please click here where you find a list of brick and mortar animal shelters.

After filling out this form you will be put on an Email List to let you know when, where and and what we need help with.  Thank you in advance for your help!

Drive like a life depended on it!

Occasionally we need transportation for one of our foster charges to and from the vet. Or to move them from a shelter or rescue group into a foster or forever home. We also need help to collect donated items such as food and toys and deliver them to our storage facility. For more information on other transporting opportunities, please e-mail us. Fill out the Volunteer Form by clicking here.

Home checkers are invaluable to us.

One or two visits a month to a foster home or to a prospective home is integral to ensuring the safety of our animals across a large net of rescue in Brooklyn. For more information on other home checking opportunities, please e-mail us. Fill out the Volunteer Form by clicking here. and posters

BAFN is looking for Guru Social Networking Posters to post our homeless pets to various local animal sites, ie. create BAFN pages at etc, upload images and/or write descriptions of the many animals in our network at our rescue area, Post these animlas to Craigslist NYC Pets and other Local Pet Group Websites such as Urban Hound.

This special volunteer will also recruit for new Foster Homes at these sites to join our network of more than 600 families and individuals who have fostered for BAFN. For more information, please call Laurie at 917 754-3537.

Community Service Credits for Students

One mission of BAFN is to foster an interest in animals for youth. We take pride in providing students with opportunities for career exploration, self-discovery, personal development and community service.


The most obvious benefit of participation, of course, is that students get to work with animals! Participants are specially trained to handle many of the small animals in the Brooklyn Animal Foster Network. What's more, participation often fulfills a student's community service requirements. Some of our participants have received community service credit for their work with us. (Students should check with their school to determine whether BAFN participation meets this requirement.)


  • Volunteers needing community service credit for school must agree to complete a minimum of 48 hours per year.

  • Volunteers are expected to maintain excellent attendance, punctuality and conduct.

  • Volunteers must be at least 13 years of age to participate.

  • A signed permission form must be provided by your parents if you are under the age of 18.

  • Duties may include taking dogs for walks, socializing kittens, cleaning dishes and crates and more.

Apply to join the BAFN Student Community Service Credits Program

Download the parental permission form